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MBOX to PST Migration won’t be a problem anymore!

MBOX to PST migration has always been always a thorn in the sight of email users. Whenever you shift from your MacOS based email client to Windows Outlook, the best way to transfer all your data is via direct transmission of data.

But carrying out this transfer process has become overly complicated due to the use of substandard conversion solutions. They not only leave you hanging with incomplete conversion process but also create a stigma about the migration process to be impossible to carry out.

Here is the right solution for your MBOX to PST Migration

When asked upon by different email users, the features that most users wanted in their conversion solutions were accuracy, speed and ease. These three forms the generic base for all converter tools present in the market.

So, whenever you go for any conversion solution, it is expected to have all these features and plus a bit more to enhance the entire conversion process and experience. But sadly, most converter tools present in the market lack at these generic features itself leave out the rare ones.

This leads to incomplete conversion process with damaged and corrupted data. To overcome all these problems and have a successful and comfortable MBOX to PST migration process, you need to select your conversion solution wisely.

Mail Extractor Pro: The professional’s choice

Mail Extractor Pro is one such converter tool that offers you everything. The tool not only provides you with the highest quality of these generic features but also offer something on the side. With features like Buk Conversion, retaining the folder hierarchy and splitting large PST files, the tool ensures that you have all that you need by yourself.

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Impeccable Conversion Accuracy to get it all converted

The conversion accuracy of the tool is unmatchable. The amount and complexity of the data travelling via modern day email databases can become a little overwhelming for your substandard conversion solutions.

But the accuracy of this converter tool is equipped enough to deal with all of it very easily. The tool converts everything down to the last bit without any complications. It handles both the Unicode data and calendar data with same efficiency and precision. Thus, giving you a complete conversion of the data present in the input files, making your MBOX to PST migration easier.

The interface makes it very easy

The interface of the tool is one of the standout features. It is simple, clean and easy to figure out. It breaks the stereotypical images of the interfaces of your usual mbox converter tools.

This to the point interface helps you in getting the job done easily. It makes everything easier especially for first time users as it provides them with the all the support they need. A step by step guide is a part of this support system.

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